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Furnished Minneapolis apartments


Furnished Minneapolis Apartments

Owning a home is great. However, along with a mortgage, homeowners also have many other bills: water, heating and cooling bills, cable/Internet packages to pay for and lawn service bills. Those monthly annoyances disappear at Marquette Place because we take care of them! That's right. Our furnished monthly rentals include water, heating and air conditioning costs in your rent. You won't have a lawn or garden to worry about. We also provide complimentary basic cable and DSL Internet. Our furnished Minneapolis apartments also include all of the basic home needs: washer and dryer, appliances and even window treatments are provided! You don't have to worry about buying anything other than your personal accoutrements and clothing. These Minneapolis furnished rentals are decorated for stylish comfort and to fit the floor plan. For two bedroom units we have four spacious floor plans; there are also one bedroom units available if you need slightly less space.

Minneapolis furnished rentals

If you think a pre-furnished apartment must be uncomfortable think again. The luxurious furnished Minneapolis apartments at Marquette Place are designed for comfort. The apartment will have:

  • All kitchen appliances from dishes to dishtowels
  • All appliances from fridge to washer/dryer
  • Comfortable furnishings, dining table and silk plants
  • Amenities like television, DVD and even Internet access

And these things will be available on the day you move in! No waiting for the cable guy to show up, the furniture movers to arrive or the ISP to deliver your connection. If you are looking for a great place to live that includes all of the extras, consider these Minneapolis furnished rentals. You won't be disappointed!

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